How it all started...

From an early childhood I can remember watching TV Shows such as Blue Peter, Take Hart, Paperplay with Itsy & Bitsy spiders (remember them?), and pleading with my Mum to save every household item going so I could make these models they showed us.

I remember getting excited at Christmas and Birthdays when I got there Annual Books as presents which showed you step by step pictures on how to make them...


I loved colouring books, paper pads, Dot to Dot Books, with felt tip pens, crayons and pencils.  Moulding with Playdoh, Plasticine, Airfix models and paper mache. 

These were all happy childhood memories of making, sticking and glueing bits together with my Mum and Sister, and my Mum giving us our dads old shirts to wear, so we didn’t get covered in paints and glitter.  This was fun, playing, getting messy, and using our imaginations. Fond memories.  Then you grow up and it all stops...


Only for me to return back to art and craftmaking when I decided I wanted unique and personal presents for my family and friends, and it bought back the fun and love to create and make things!

And here I am today encouraged by lovely partner Steve, family and friends ~ "who'd of thought it hey..." xxx







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